Our services concentrate on the following:

  • Replacement management. Meeting a temporary need for capacity or temporarily filling a finance-related vacancy. We formulate our priorities and coordinate our approach on the basis of a preliminary interview. This will often involve making the necessary changes (such as integrating departments, improving processes and controls). We will ensure effective transfer before completion. Our aim is to introduce structural improvements in your organisation during the support process as well.
  • Project management. Steering and/or supporting projects relating to change and risk management, performance improvement and accounting (links to the texts where this is explained further). Making an in-depth analysis and planning schedule and using these to ensure that the necessary change is achieved. Our main priority here is achieving the desired results - in a practical manner and on a sufficient support base - and building knowledge and experience permanently into your organisation.

We have carried out this work to everyone’s satisfaction at various national and international companies (see ‘Projects’). When doing this, we concentrate on ensuring structural improvement of your organisation in a practical, easy-to-follow and efficient manner.

If you would like us to keep you informed on the aforementioned topics, please send us an e-mail (see ‘Contact’).